Escapist, Regressive Thoughts

rainbow boy-small
Title painting of a series featuring un-coloured people, mostly children (A3 posters available! hohoho!).

James and I, we've wondered for a long time now whether there ought to be some invention (one of those mystic Rambaldi inventions that someone from ALIAS would most certainly have in a handy syringe) that can stunt the growth - physical and mental - of a child. They are best to be injected with the formula sometime between the age of 1 or 2, just before they are actually conscious of their own self. Then, they still sing secretly to themselves on trains. And when they catch you watching them, they are a little stunned, aware suddenly that there is a reality beyond themselves. Their reaction is usually to shut their own eyes or hide their gaze from you - as if not seeing is the same as not existing. (When a baby/teenager lizard realised that it was discovered, it stood very very still for the longest possible time, its dark eyes returned my murderous stare but blankly, hopeful that I would think it is part of the white while. Rrrright.) Between the age of 1 or 2, they are still a little like animals, only not very furry.

Don't want to grow up? Avoid The Ice-Cream Bell Rings


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