Just call me Greedy

Yes, friends, the mystery of the abandoned/lost Golden Retriever has been solved by my mother, the neighbourhood sleuth...and to think I was worried about this dog for 2 weeks!

Mom: [Offering dog food] Come here, poor doggie.
Stinky: Wow! Thanks! [Gobble gobble]
Old Lady: You don't have to feed it...
Stinky: Hey old woman, watch what you are saying - [Gobble gobble]
Mom: Why? So poor thing, lost and so faithful.
Old Lady: Haha, no no, it's not lost.
Stinky: ...[Gobble gobble]
Old Lady: It's just greedy.
Stinky: Old woman, don't call [gobble gobble] me names!
Old Lady: It belongs to that house over there, behind. Can see? It sneaks out almost every morning.
Mom: Who's the owner?
Old Lady: You never see him before meh? An old man with many of this kind of dogs? He feeds them once a day only, so this one is very greedy, comes and sits in front of my house to beg me for food every morning.
Mom: Aiyoh.
Old Lady: Yah, very greedy.
Mom: And stinky.


Anonymous said…
You should report that irresponsible owner to SPCA. Just give them a call or email them with the address details. They'll send an inspector down to the premises and they'll probably ring you to tell you what they've found.
ampulets said…
Is that you, Lin Dai? Hmmm, let me go check out this owner some more. Maybe the old lady has a thing against the owner (you know...neighbourhood politics). All dogs are greedy, no? hehe.
Anonymous said…
Well, the dog is also not in the best physical shape, no? And is it wearing a collar? See, its owner is clearly not taking good care of it to be letting it run around the estate as if it were a stray. Some of your neighbours might even call in the AVA, thinking that it is a stray.

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