Que Sera Sera...

J and I took yesterday afternoon off work and walked around the city (ah, that's how life should be!). We spotted at the Speakers' Corner Mr Stephen Ooi's expression of his aspirations and hopes. No doubt, later that evening on those many podiums he has set up, he would share his vision and promises of the future if he were indeed Istana-bound.

Picture(26)#3 Picture(14)

Fellow islanders, ampulets may not have the same presidential aspirations and hopes as Mr Stephen Ooi, but we give you here our wish too for a Better Tomorrow.

a better tomorrow2
Scene from a favourite restaurant#3: A Better Tomorrow (Click to see larger pic)


hahaha! reminded me of the song that was supposed to be the "chinese version" of "we are the world" or something.
ampulets said…
Hey, that's partly the inspiration for the drawing! When we were at that restaurant...waiting for dinner...contemplating the not-so-exciting future... we heard the restaurant manager in the next section serenading a table of regulars. No points for guessing right the song he was singing.
Anonymous said…
er, your tian is written as yao....
ampulets said…
hehe, well done! thought no one would notice the mistake... (my friends mostly jiak kentang) ;>

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