Thank You has never been this hard to say

Retailers have probably tried to get people excited about Father's Day for years, but to no avail. Socks? Aftershave? A pen with his name engraved? DIY tools? Another shirt?

Plus fathers are generally a non-communicative, unappreciative kind. Oh well, it is also hard to be THAT expressive about receiving yet another new shirt.

In the case of my father, the "another new shirt" (thoughtfully selected nonetheless) from my brother and I resulted in this elaborate alternative to a simple 'thank you': "Why you buy this for me? Why you buy this type? Not nice! I don't want this kind of shirt. I won't wear it.... etc etc." (Hmm, at least this father can't be faulted for being non-communicative.)

March to my Music - small "Pater Dictator"

Maybe this is why governments whose methods seem a tad bit oppressive are termed "paternalistic", while even the most naggy, mollycoddling state is never "maternalistic", only a "nanny". For mothers, our imaginations and foetal memories hold fonder associations.

Still, I do wish all dads a Happy Father's Day. It must be tough on you to be so little understood.


actually i think i'm quite lucky because i only sent my dad an sms (no presents!) and he was so nice and sent a "Thank you" message back. Can you believe it - my sister actually suggested to me last week that we buy a(nother) shirt for him! :-)
ampulets said…
yah, lucky! maybe i'll try sending an SMS only next year...

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