Getai Blues

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The bald guy is supposed to be the getai big boss.
Photos by J on his nokia

Once perhaps every month, the Taoist temple next to J's HDB block stages a religious ceremony or show - it could be some elaborate ritual with costumed mediums, a simple opera or, as in this case, the rather secular getai.

So instead of fighting its noise with our own, J and I abandoned our DVD movie plans and joined the Toa Payoh uncles and aunties for a good ol' rendition of 要拼才会嬴 (classic Hokkien songYou Gotta Fight to Win) and 无言的結局 (#1 Karaoke 80s weepy The Wordless/Silent End). We were surprised by how genuinely funny the main host/singer was (see photo above of a rather plump lady in tights, a gold ultra mini-skirt secured with multi-coloured sashes, and a hot pink top). She was so good and did her job with so much pride she could have stood up to host a TV talk show with Taiwanese 菲哥. At one point, a group of Indians among the audience asked her to sing a Hindi song - something she gamely did, rolling up her top to reveal her midriff, and teasing all the ah peks (i.e. old men) sitting in the front row about getting a free view of such generous flesh.

When the Hungry Ghost Festival comes round in the next couple of weeks, and we enter into getai season proper, I am sure the novelty of all this loud festivity will wear off. By then, you won't find J and I applauding anymore when the fat lady sings.


wheyface said…
Your vignette reminds me of Edward Yang's Gu lin jie sa ren shi jian.
ampulets said…
My all time favourite movie - my favourite line in it is
"打kiss-ir, 皰Miss-ir" (not sure if this is the right "pao4"), which a schoolboy shouts when he spots his friend kissing a girl.
wheyface said…
Ha ha, yes, I remember that scene.

Pao4 should be the same character as the one used in pao4 pao4 cha2.

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