Obliging I am

Sneakers Rack
J's shoe rack - much prettier and neater than mine!

My Primary 4 teacher wrote in the comments section of my Report/Result Book that I was an "obliging girl". I remember I had checked the dictionary then for the meaning of that adjective and was not sure whether to be described as "obliging" was a good or bad thing...I still am ambivalent about it. But since tym asked and my teacher had so concluded, I shall oblige with the shoe meme.

Total number of shoes you own = 22
> 9 Adidas (4 Mary Janes; 1 green/white Melbourne; 1 blue suede Titan; 1 Red&Silver; 1 classic red/white/blue; 1 something pumps-ish). J has a more fun selection of Adidas.
> 6 Pumas (2 Mostros; 1 high-cut Schattenboxen; 1 shaolin pumps; 2 mesh)
> 1 Asics Onitsuka Tiger Mexico
> 2 X:odus ballet flats
> 1 New Balance150
> 1 Grey Diesel
> 1 (still fairly) white high-cut Converse
> 1 White Birkenstock

Most expensive pair of shoes: S$220 black Puma mid Schattenboxen (they don't look it though)
Cheapest pair of shoes: S$29 X:odus pumps
The last shoe you bought: black/white Puma Shaolin pumps (how to resist, so gongfu!)
Shoe under my work desk: an emergency pair of strappy/heeled sandals - in case some one protests about my wearing sneakers & 'gongfu' shoes to work...that hasn't happened yet, and even if it does, I think I won't care.

People I pass this obligation to:
Aiya, I really don't know too many people who write a blog, so anyone else who would oblige with taking this on (monster ru? thirty pounces and CATch-up?), please do so and...er, maybe leave a comment as a link?


haha! shoe meme can. but have to wait till i get back to Singapore cos most of my shoes there. although i think i have quite a few here!
wahj said…
hmmm. Looks like I'll have to go and dig up my shoes ...
ampulets said…
i remember you have a pair of green doc marts??
yes! i got green DMs! nearly bought a pair of high cut dark (/forest) green ones (to go with my then green hair! haha!) when i was in London in April. but decided not to spend too much $$. sigh... trying to be sensible = signs of getting old...

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