Hello hello?
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I posted Bishop's poem on the art of losing Saturday, and promptly lost my handphone on an SBS bus that very evening. How prophetic. Perhaps the lesson of poetry is best lived?

My only consolation is that it motivated me to complete this picture of a man who, on his way home from a fishing trip, was desperately trying to connect while on the train. But to no avail. I hope, however, there is no prophecy contained in this picture; so that when the phone does ring in the coming week, you and I may get the reply we are waiting for.


Tym said…
Oh man! Sorry to hear about the loss. We're seriously going to have to start surgically implanting our phones to keep them with us.
ampulets said…
aiyah, just have to make sure that there are always cheap+cool phones for sale, to cheer us up after we have lost our phones.

(but to all you phone thieves out there, this is no excuse to steal...and not returning a phone you find is also theft!)

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