a long journey

A Long Journey
Click for a larger viewThis is the other painting of a "series" about a rabbit who took off on a long journey in search of adventure, accompanied by an apple. There were supposed to be more paintings - set in the city, in the mountains, some surreal ones... but i lost interest after this second painting. Maybe Taipei will revive the series.

Thirtypounces wrote some time ago in this post about how corporatespeak has an enduring fondness for the "journey" metaphor. Hence, terms like "milestones"...millstones, they mean.

Well, I don't know where all this leaves me...but today, just 2 days before I leave for my holiday, my "journey" (that is, my work) threw up not just 1 but several major boulders (read: obstacles, pain-in-the-a** problems way beyond me at this stage) that has not only completely crushed the next milestone, but knocked me back several steps. And being the only person venturing on this journey at this stage, it sure looks daunting having to clear the mess within 2 days. I wish I have a bulldozer to clear the way to the decision-makers instead of my S-series Fujitsu shovel.

And because my organisation has just sent a stern alert not to ever blog about work, this "journey" metaphor is now official, for practical reasons.

But the tickets and hotels to taipei are already booked. And I shall have to leave this sorry mess behind for my boss - whose journey has taken her to another country to scale a more beautiful mountain this week - to deal with.

This must be my gripiest post ever...aargh. Think I'll have to work all night tomorrow before the flight out Thursday morning.


ampulets said…
Hey, BB. You can only do that much. you always tell me learn to let go. Do what you can, let go. Let's escape to the Wu land. WooHa!X
orangeclouds said…
Hey female Ampulet, you and TOHOA have a great great trip ya? Don't let anything get in the way of having a blast.

Inhale some of that 24-hour Eslite air and eat lotsa hot pot on my behalf :)
ampulets said…
leTOHA, Oclouds - thanks! i only hope the bosses are as kind as you two :> oh yes, can't wait to get to eslite bookstore...is it 5 storeys of books? and to watch HHH's new movie at the Spot cinema.

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