I lose

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One morning on the train I was slightly surprised to find 4 people around me reading - this being a too-sleepy-to-read sort of train. The man to my right was reading a book titled "10 characteristics of effective leadership" or something to this effect. Curious, I glanced at the page.
Losers find problems in every answer, winners find answers in every problem.

Losers see thunderstorms and icy weather, winners see rainbows and ice skates.
There was a list of some 30 of these "loser vs winner" lines. And when he turned the page, I saw this at the top.
Soul success is self-respect for an honourable life.
If there is any truth in that book, then please let me not have to spend too much time with anyone who thinks himself a "winner" and finds his soul a "success".


fuck those books. once, my ex-boyfriend from JC gave the 2 people (me & my ex-best friend, who is his wife now) he was meeting up with that day one of these books each. i think it was titled "the giant within" or something.

i cringed when he presented it to me. and then even more so when i saw that he was giving us both the same thing. i have never ever touched it. didn't even flip through the pages.
ampulets said…
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ampulets said…
you lucky thing. imagine if you are still with him, your ex-best friend probably ended up having to read the book! ;P

my beloved mom actually recommended that I read this "Rules of Life" book a couple of weeks ago! that launched my mini-lecture on why should we let 1 man's fortune-cookie guide our lives?!? are there not enough rules already?! and why readily accept the words of this 1 mortal when we subject the veracity of the bible to endless doubt?!!

aiyoh. my poor mother. the only books she has mentioned since to me are her cook books! hee.

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