trouble with numbers


These memes are really tough to do. On the surface they seem straightforward enough, but when you do get down to listing down things you like/dislike/always do/have done etc, it doesn't matter if it is 4 or 7 - anything past the 1 is a real test. Why limit yourself to 4 or 7 of anything? 4 favourite foods when you may have 10 or 12, or since you are Singaporean, 39? Only 4 websites to visit daily when there are more than 4 friends with blogs (links on the right!)? Or 4 jobs when all you've ever wanted is that 1 which is not yet yours?

OK, I admit: all of this is a long-winded way of saying that I did try to complete the 4 meme that tcsd, ru and CATch-up tagged me with...but failed miserably.

As compensation, here are 4 poems I thought of immediately instead. Hope you enjoy them ;>
1. a lyric by someone who knows contentment
2. a psalm by a broken man who receives real forgiveness
3. a poem by someone who remembers (you'll have to scroll down to see the poem)
4. just 4 short lines, quatrain 36


ampulets said…
nice hand actions there. :) - TOHA
the Rumi one is cool.

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