7 Bad Habits of busy folks


1. Trying to live according to a to-do list
2. Not having a conversation
3. Snapping when asked to repeat yourself (ditto)
4. Dehydrating.
5. Compromising sleep.
6. Waking up way too late (er, for the ill-disciplined variety of busy-ness)
7. Wishing you had slept/woken up earlier.

It'll be a busy week for J and I, but it'll also a week of firsts. Today we have to get to some place (don't know where yet) to buy some 40 bottles of wine - that's a first...and probably a last. And having to manage an invitation list of relatives via an excel sheet. What will not be a first is me wondering if all of my books and their 25m of shelf space will ever fit into our Toa Payoh flat.

So ampulets give you this picture in honour of the start of a new week. May none of those 7 habits ever inflict your lives!


monk said…
i guess it's trite and obvious, but i'm thinking about the two of you quite a bit lately -- and consequently relishing the brief updates.

40 bottles of wine? how will you get that back, but i imagine you'll arrange for delivery :)

wedding in a week, film school . . . these are good brave things (not part of the seven habits of busy people) and i'm excited in absentia.

more art, is what it all is.
Tym said…
I am guilty of #1 sometimes and #5 certainly (just witness my nodding-off-self at work today). Your list is very strict!
avalon said…
All of them. I have them all.

In fact, right now, I feel all seven of them.
shadow said…
If you haven't done so already, try Wine Network at Dempsey. We've gotten up to 100 bottles from them before and loads of wedding couples I know purchase in bulk from them.

Of course, it's much more fun if you bring friends along for the wine-tasting. :-)
ampulets said…
40c - my mom's the delivery driver, j the delivery man and i am the one who signs the delivery order :>

tym, avalon - if you have to kick any of them, it's #1! although the only folks i know who have succeeded have secretaries...and to get there, they must have #6-ed and #7-ed all their lives.

shadow - in the end, we wine-philistines just went to NTUC (40c, that's a union cooperative supermarket!) and got 40 of whatever we know is drinkable wine.

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