counting down?

ching chong wedding
9 more days to this

The family, over the obligatory Chinese New Year game of mahjong, shares this conversation:

Bro: I warn you, my tiles are real beautiful. [chuckles to himself]
Aunt: Pong!
Bro: Wah, 3 flowers and a pong-pong game...that's 5-tai.
Aunt: ...[The real professional, she gives nothing away on her face.]
Dad: Eh, Y, pass me some egg rolls.
Y: Ohr.
Dad: [munches, dropping the crumbs all over the green table top] Oh, after a few more nights, you'll be married and then you'll no longer live here, that's fast -
Bro: Pong! Game!
Dad: Darn, look at my tiles - almost perfect already...
Y: Aiyah! Mine too!
Aunt: ... [She smiles and dusts the egg roll crumbs onto the floor for the faithful family dog.]

Well, at least 1 person is counting down.


Tym said...

Maybe he just wants to remodel your room ;)


i thought you went out shopping for clothes. how come your invite says you are both wearing t-shirts? =)

ampulets said...

tym - i am trying to see if i can keep it...you know, blood is thicker than real estate.

ru - i think we're changing into tshirts for lunch. better for digestion ;>

samuraibunny said...

so exciting !! congrats =)

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