long live reading!

reading is fun 2
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Which activity best describes what you do most?
A. writing
B. attempting to publish
C. reading

In a fit of optimism, I sent an edited version of this short story last week to the admirable Silverfish publishers in Malaysia who are in the midst of compiling their 6th anthology - completely misreading the deadline "31 Mar" as "31 May". Aiyah.

Thank goodness there's still reading! Long live reading!

As with last year's poster, today's poster is for you to download and spread the happy news. The government says it's good for you too.


Unknown said…
heehee what a funny poster. anyway i found it! the building i was talking about. it is here:


council house 2 in melbourne.
ampulets said…
Thanks! The building has its own water recycling plant underground?!

The new national library building (ah, in the theme of this post!) is supposed to also be one of these green buildings, in terms of energy use (natural light), air flow (cooling systems), use of plants etc...It's by a M'sian architect, i forget who now. But its design was controversial - for nationalistic reasons? - and still attracts many critics. i think most folks find it a rather "cold" (as in impersonal) building in its efficiency, and lacks a focal/rallying point for community.
Unknown said…
ooh ken yeang? he always designs buildings like that. super energy efficient. rain waters the plants that cool the building that save the universe. that kindof thing=)

actually i think he's pretty funky! well his stuff, not him as a person (a bit old lah). altho i think his original vision tends to get overruled by "practicality" in the end..

why nationalistic reasons?

not sure abt CH2. i thought it was just a big rainwater tank where they re-use the water to cool the building n water the plants or whatever.
ampulets said…
he's Malaysian mah! and i guess singaporean architects didn't like the way a M'sian was selected to design something as iconic as the national library? that's just my sense of the ground rumblings (aka grumblings).
Unknown said…
oooh .. ok. what was the selection process do u know? was it a competition? or they just commissioned hiM?

i thnk his stuff is cool nonetheless =P
orangeclouds said…
Download? Ack surely the sight of J's bare butt is for your edification only! hahaha. still a nice poster. well done again, ampulets!!

oh ya... cards n T-shirts. How? I can collect e stuff I ordered fr you in July, if they r ready if not no worries.
ampulets said…
they are ready and packed! we must have kopi next time you are back.

SB - i think it was a competition but not a kind the S'pore Institute of Architects entirely agreed with.
Unknown said…
yaaa that's probably right. actually dunno much about sg archi scene .. but going to apply for a job so i guess i should learn more =P
Anonymous said…
In my previous life I was a story teller.
Dragging myself from village to village,
where people would throw me some coins
to weave fantasy around their mundane lives

At my will
I would make them cry
and laugh.
Children rolled over and clapped with joy
as my characters
faced the most absurd plots I could weave

Except him,
who would neither laugh
nor shed a tear,
as he stood there
staring at me.

Would u like to hear a story ? I asked him.
“not unless it is the story of all stories” he said

And wherever I went he would be there
watching and listening,
‘can u tell me the story of all stories ?’

How could there be one story that defined all stories ?
and if there were
what value would I have ?
if there be just one story to tell ?

‘You are of no value to me’ he said
‘unless you can tell me the story of all stories’
And he walked away
never looking back

Silly man,
How could I make a living
If I told the same story
again and again ?

But I died.
Never being able to tell another story
Have you ever died of thirst
in the presence of a glass of water
that you cannot see ?

And into this life
He came again.
He took my hand
and showed me the ocean
and asked me to see,
and to observe

For the story of all stories was there,
a story that had no end
and no beginning.
Each rising swell
a new Plot that arose from the ocean
and then merged back

millions arising
and immedietly going back to the source

The Source
The Story of all Stories
orangeclouds said…
Amps: Will be back July 1. Will call ya!!

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