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park lady

A playground for lonely children? J and I were discussing what a playground for lonely children would be like a couple of days ago. See-saws that still work for one. Merry-go-rounds with hands that hold on to you. Swings that give you an extra push. I'm only not so sure about slides though. My childhood memories are of having to rush to get to the top of a slide, only to be hurried down by an impatient somebody whose sandy shoes are on your backside. Maybe slides are better enjoyed alone - that long ride down. But once down - yes, maybe it would still be nice to have someone waiting for you at the end of the ride.


swings, see-saws and merry-go-rounds all can 1 person play one! i try before!

and i super good at swings ok. don't need people help push!
Anonymous said…
Hello! can you 2 cheer up and don't sound so pessimistic.
ampulets said…
ru - agree, all can 1 person play! we were just thinking of ways of designing playgrounds, and set ourselves this challenge of designing a playground that is comforting, imaginative, fun and simulates companionship (with yourself/an imaginary friend etc) - and in a way, think of how design reflects & addresses social realities - and is not just some consumer luxury or aesthetic statement. Our idea for the 1 boy/girl seesaw (can sit 2 or more also) is my favourite - quite funny one.

allen - hi!

we not pessimistic leh (hmmm, J is a bit)... maybe the picture is misleading ;>
this week's newsweek magazine got interview with architect (can't remember name). about how the development of a place, or design of buildings, etc (think china at the moment) was and in some places, still is all about the destruction of nature and the old.

he said that the challenge now is to design buildings that should encompass nature, etc. there was a nice example of this particular design resembling a barge. i think in a canal in a'dam. (can't remember the details - read it when i was very sleepy and drowsy!)
ampulets said…
you still sound sleepy and drowsy, ru. haha.

I was thinking that as our society progress, birth-rate goes down. In future, even now, one child family is such a norm. So, kids will be getting more and more lonely, and will be forced to grow up doing adulty things (learn this and that). So was thinking how to bring them back to the reality of being a kid, and bringing alittle warm into the lonely heart. How I wish someone is able to build this playground for real. ;)-TOHA

Unknown said…
sustainable architecture! there is a completely self-sustaining buliding in melbourne. i think it's in melbourne..i can't remember what it's called anymore.

this has no relevance to your post but ru's ocmment triggered it. i'll get back to u on this..
ampulets said…
sb - yes, please do. will be interested to find out more.
TOHA: yes i was still probably sleepy and drowsy then, and even more so now.

but i hope no one builds a playground for one! that would be sad.

i remember, when we used to go to the playground, it was to try and meet other kids and play silly games, etc.

so leave these playgrounds so these "lone" kids still have a place to go and meet other kids!
orangeclouds said…
"Playground for 1" - sounds like the title of a short story. Quite Murakami-esque, you know, his fixation with being an only child and only-children in general.

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