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too young to...
i like how yoshitomo's painting "too young to die" is merchandised here as a giant ashtray. we don't smoke so it's used as a tray for vitamins and medication. the irony either way!

I've been sick since Saturday, the most virulent flu-bug I've known and promptly passed to J.

The only "good" thing that has come out of the 5 days was that I managed to finish reading 2 wonderful books which I would, if I could, promptly pass to someone - Nicole Krauss' The History of Love and RK Narayan's Tiger for Malgudi.

That's all for now. I don't think blogging counts as "rest" ;>


take care you two.
Anonymous said…
get well soon!

what a handsome tiger on the cover!
ampulets said…
lng - hey, cosmic! my exact thought when I saw the book...then J commented the same a day or so later when he saw it. must go and check out who is the painter :>

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