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Despite our complaints about Singapore designers' love for self-promotion and style over social and intellectual engagement (wah!), ampulets confess that we cannot resist the 1819 supermovement which, under a banner of patriotism, provides for expressions of unabashed devotion, sincerity, ironic inflection, contrivance or artful indulgence. In other words, we're just happy our submission here got accepted for the Majullah Stickapura Series 3!

more please - 1819 super movement
the stickers are supposed to be on sale somewhere, but we're not sure where yet.


fortycalibernap said...

lemme know how i can pick a couple up, whenever you do find out :)


nyc needs some of these plastered about.

ampulets said...

40C - Just found out where they'll be. So email me your mailing address? Aiyah, your NYC has tons more interesting street art!!!

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