2 by 2

ampulephant (象) elle and ele
guess which one is melancholic J's version?

1 idea(J/TOHA's), 2 different images. Strange how the melancholic one created a cheerier picture!


fortycalibernap said...

we're seldom exclusively of any one temperament. i'd say j/t has more than a touch of the sanguine mixed in with that melancholy.

if you need background, just ask s.bunny to fill you in :)

'cuz she knows sanguine -- and she's pretty damned medeival.

ampulets said...

perhaps one can really force oneself to be sanguine, moving from one quadrant to another. - TOHA

samuraibunny said...

medieval ?! what the.

anyway cute elephant =)

the printed one looks pregnant

ampulets said...

sb - samurais are medieval what. not to say a samuraibunny. talking & sword-bearing animals belong to the dark dark ages. ;P

40c, TOHA - yah, i guess you'll have to be pretty unbearable and unsocialised to be just any one temperament.

samuraibunny said...

i dont think he's talking abt samurais =_=

i mentioned to 40c before tht sanguine ppl sound like clowns. i think he might b calling me a court jester =P

ampulets said...

fast-talking, sword-wielding rabbits, yes, the link is not too much of an imaginative stretch ;>

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