balancing the books

Happiness is a room lined with books, each of them an old friend and the start of a new daydream.

Being married is
- Abandoning some books in your old room so that the new shelves can also be inhabited by his toy figurines; and
- Forgoing a fancier design for boring no-nonsense shelves because she insists that books are the main thing.

Of course, the 2 (happiness and being married, I mean) need not be mutually exclusive.


Anonymous said…
wow... deep deep shelves.
ampulets said…
haha, the shelves on the the other side are EVEN deeper ;P

Those are kind of a mistake... but also necc for the graphic bks & to stack a 2nd row of bks!
i can see all your rilke. i've got them too... but they are not here. :-(
ampulets said…
ru - must be strange living in a house without books. hwah, you can actually see the titles? on the left are the poetry shelves
can recognise the rilke spines because i've got exactly the same ones. :-) can see walt whitman on the left too.

This house got books lah. (How can got no books?) In fact, there is no more shelf space for the few books arriving...

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