Lizard poop


I wished there can be a more elegant title for this post or that there was more to this picture. But it is late, so. Lizard poop is impossible to clean. I mean, what do they eat? Glue?

Friends, all that I wish for you and I is a restful weekend. A time to think, reflect and wonder.


aiyah, u know i hate lizards!

i'm sure i've told the story of how, when i was a little girl, i was opening the mailbox and this lizard jumped onto my hand and traumatised me! For life!

I was flailing my arm like a madwoman, but it still wouldn't budge.

(there - i've told the story *again*!)
wheyface said…
highly traumatic, i totally empathize!
something similar happened to me when i was kid too. was on a bike when a lizard fell off a tree onto my chest. i swear we looked deep into each other's eyes. creepy unfeeling eyes!
ampulets said…
i also have traumatic lizard story. mine's more recent.

couple of months ago, a lizard hiding behind the dish tray leapt onto me when I lifted something from the tray! eewww!! after much jumping around, i was convinced that creature has gone off. Still having to remain in the kitchen, I thought I would have the dish towel ready to swipe it if it decided to be in the way...but of course! it was actually clinging on to the back of the towel... aargh. And so began our lizard-extermination campaign... actually it's J who kills them - i'm in another room, but watching...haha.

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