the day after...

a quick colour exercise

If you were a day in a week, and you were a tuesday - ah, what a nondescript day you would be.

You would not have the distinction of being blue and black to salaried slaves who take the morning train. You would not bear the mid-week exhaustion. You would not even have that slight anticipation, that borrowed happiness of being just a day before - yes, thank god! You certainly won't enjoy any dates or get mentioned with the late night movies. And there'll be no rest - holy or otherwise - attached to your name.


tscd said…
Actually, I like Tuesdays. This is when the hospital canteen serves lasagne and chips. Lasagne Tuesdays. MmmMmmm.
ampulets said…
ah, lucky you. for all of tuesday's blah-ness, i must admit i had a fantastic meal at a lebanese restaurant for lunch! - and it was free :>

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