the promise

the promise
I found 3 boxes of colour pencils in the cupboard, including a box of 48 colours meant for one of J's nephews some Christmases for flickr view

Pa J's gambling paid off for him last weekend (unfortunately, more encouragement for the vice). As such, the family was treated to dinner at a restaurant. Over a dish of fried belachan kang kong, 5th Brother J - the keeper of bird and fish - turned to us and:

Bro J: Eh, I set him free.
Y&J: The arowana!
Bro J: Yah... I promised him mah.
Y&J: ... [but figures it has something to do with the whispered deal between the fish and Bro J for Pa J to strike 4D]
Bro J: It's a promise. Must keep.
Y&J: Where did you release him into?
Bro J: XYZ Reservoir. [smiles, and whips out his mobile phone to show us the video of the fish swimming in the water] See. I walk and follow that fella all around. Luckily no one see except my friend. He jun-jun was there fishing.
Y&J: Isn't that also illegal at a reservoir?
Bro J:Yah lor!
Y&J: [Still watching the video Eh, why is the fish not swimming any further?
Bro J: Dunno. Maybe not used to it. Haha, scared.
Y&J: Isn't it worse for him? I mean, in the tank he gets fed, now can he survive or not?
Bro J: I don't know lah. I promise him mah. See his luck lor.
Y&J: [their imaginations stirred] Oh, what he kena caught by someone fishing???
Bro J: [smiles] Must see his luck lor!


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