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"Succession planning" is one of many examples of management-speak that always make me cringe. It's prosaic enough, but "succession" is a word more often paired with "throne", and word-association moves on to give me "dynastic", "cronism", "privilege" and ultimately "undeserved". But for someone leading an organisation not to be actively looking out for folks who can eventually take over and run the organisation, often better, also suggests myopia, pride or just plain irresponsibility.

In this area, arts organisations in Singapore don't have a great track record.

I recall telling J how optimistic I was feeling about the SIFF, simply because a new team had taken over this year. Finally, an organisation in the arts that got it right by taking the risk, letting go and taking on new and different people, ideas and energy for the longer journey. Maybe my optimism was misplaced... but I am still hoping something good will nonetheless come out of it!

And on that note, s/pores - new directions in Singapore Studies, an online journal, is unafraid in taking on a new look, its first 1st guest editor, and some new writers. So unafraid it is that it is celebrating all this at Food#03 at the Post-Museum this Sunday, 26 July, 6.30pm.

So friends, if you have not read S/pores, click here to read Issues 1-3. Better yet, if you have never been to Food#03 for artist-chef Tien's vodka-yakult or good-tasting vegetarian menu, do so this Sunday - and you'll also get to chat with the folks behind s/pores.

p/s Click here for directions to Food#03 at the Post-Museum.


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