murakami country

don't bargain with the devil and you may become one

Hokkaido is Haruki-Murakami country.

I'm thinking A Wild Sheep Chase and Dance Dance Dance. Jazz, grilled lamb (you know, dead sheep), Mild Seven scenes of green fields and clear skies (not lungs), that Sapporo beer star, and a silence that urbanites will normally know little of. There's even a Dolphin hotel, although this is not likely to have elevators that get stuck in-between floors...or any elevators at all.

You can't tell all this from the images above, because I am spending the day/night with Ma Y at a touristy onsen town. After all, Hokkaido is also Incentive-Travel-for-Mothers/Housewives country.

p/s If you are thinking of taking your mom for a holiday, check back here for a leisurely itinerary a couple of weeks from now!


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