Don't believe your eyes. The theme this year is not "turtles" or "origami". J has captioned the photos "God is eternal". Well friends, may God's peace be with you this Christmas.


But should you be interested to see more of "turtles+origami", check out ampulets design's latest project.

And if you are really a fan of turtles, there's supposed to be "The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum" at the Singapore Chinese Garden! Disclaimer: I've not been there myself so I can't vouch for it. The website claims it has over 50 different species of turtles and tortoises...


orangeclouds said…
I made my turtle :) Its head seems a little large though, compared to the diagram. Well I've never been good at following instructions.

Anyway, may 2010 be full of joy and inspiration for you both!
ampulets said…
Your turtle is not a 縮頭烏龜, that's why ;>
Wishing you and HM a great new year too!

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