Left Behind

Amps decided to make our own Singaporean version of Sanrio's SumikkoGurashio (Left in a Corner), the Left Behind.

It's strange how people tell me which character they relate to. Hmmm, I don't think I relate to any of them specifically! But it was good fun to write and draw them. My fave, if I have to name one, would be Ed, followed by Carma.

("Uncle, no pork lard")

(MeeGia is a fine noodle, and MeeHoonKueh is a flat, square piece of pasta)

('Harm" is cockle in Chinese dialect)
("Your mother, smelly egg!" The idea of 'egg' or offspring is attached to another swear word for bastard)

(Aphorism: An old ginger is hottest, referring to someone old or experienced being more astute or skilled.)


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