welcome (except to you, lizards)

Just as I finished repainting the door and gate to my flat on 1 May 2020, I searched blogspot for all our previous attempts to paint this door....starting with this > 4 Sep 2006 , 2 weeks before J formally registered ampulets studio as a business.
This 25 Dec 2011 blogpost recorded the last time we customised the door with a new text - "Love One Another" using a thin sheet of plywood. This was the design we lived with from 2011 till I repainted it yesterday. In that blogpost, there are links to all the other designs from 2006-2010 - my favourite was 2008's - "God is Love x Christmas".

I decided that the door would just remain white and not carry any designs. It was hard to imagine what design would replace those 2 kids on the door and the memories they represented. Instead, I painted on the white square panel of the gate where the unit number would typically be displayed.

Because the panel on the gate is a square, I remembered this square Lightbox that J made for the last ampulets studio project we did together; 'You can take a break'.

In this project, J re-imagined Kidnap Bob (a character that I've drawn since maybe 2005) as a caregiver robot called V8 instead. The Lightbox was part of the 'You can take a break' installation for a travelling exhibition on caregiving in Singapore that Objectifs organised, supported by the Lien Foundation.  On one side of the Lightbox is the head of the robot Kidnap Bob or V8, and on the other side is a cat. I'll be shameless. It was the cutest thing. I therefore decided to recreate its design on the square panel of the gate.

J had wanted to keep the Lightbox at the end of the exhibition and install it at home. But with all that happened at the end of 2018 and early 2019, we never got round to getting back the Lightbox.The photo below is the only record I have of the Lightbox, from J's IG photo.

I took the chance to paint a "Knock' instruction above the button for the doorbell. With "CircuitBreaker" and the number of deliveries coming by, I can imagine their frustration waiting while pressing on that defunct doorbell.

Since I had some more black paint left, I left another instruction for the more literate lizards. (Lizards, if you are reading this blog: I hate you, so please go away or face my wrath.)

So there. A new ampulets welcome. I am pretty happy with it.


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