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Only Grace (2024 second edition)
This 40pp comic was first released in 2021.  Read about the first handmade edition of 50 here. 
There will be a second handmade small-batch edition of just 20, with a new cover design & slight edits. Watch this space. 


This picture book is for adults and young readers alike. It tells a story of.....a house in a forest! 
Clothbound, hardback, the book makes a lovely gift. 

S$35 mail order or retail at Woods in the Books (physical store!).

Story by Yvonne Tham, Drawings by MessyMsxi, Designed by ampulets

This comic series follows the adventures of Furrie and Shortie, an oddball couple, as they figure out their identities, make and lose friends, find a job and live their dreams, and even take a holiday in Taiwan! Drawn in the ol'skool 4 or 6 frame episodic style, this largely black and white comic is great for kids and the young at heart.

S$30 each or get a set of 3 for $75 and receive also the Furrie & Shortie set of hankies! 
Alternatively, buy from ThingBooks

Written and drawn by Yvonne Tham. Issue 1 is designed by James Teo.

A specially designed box-set from the project and exhibition "A Year Made Object" with artworks by:
  • Adeline Tan / Mightyellow
  • Chloe Tan / Usually Usual
  • Daisy Toh
  • Jeanette Adrienne Wee / Jean Adrienne
  • Kim Choy / Shibui Furniture Collective
  • Larry Seow
  • Liang Han Yun (TW)
  • Mabel Tan
  • Mary Bernadette Lee
  • Nabwong Chuaychuwong (TH)
  • Natta Wannapago / jibberish (TH)
  • Ng Siying / Atinymaker
  • Noreen Loh / Miun
  • Shing Lee / Argentum
  • Tan Zixi / MessyMsxi
  • Xinnie Ng and Lim Chiyong / Issho Labo

Available at ThingBooks. Or email me $70, exc. delivery

Text & Project by Yvonne Tham, featuring photography by Jovian Lim
Design by Jerry Goh, Studio Grain


Goodbye Time  (2012) 
Story by Yvonne Tham, Design by James Teo / ampulets
Numbered edition of 200.

Written by Yvonne Tham
Design by Studio Roots
Drawings by Yvonne Tham, Adeline Tan /Mightyellow, Holycrap, Twistii, Fleecircus, X Spots the Mark, MessyMsxi, Myrdette.
First numbered edition of 200.

Sweet Nothings (2022) 
Writing & paintings by Yvonne Tham
Handmade and numbered edition of 50.

Some Dreams are like Country Music (2023) *Sold out
Leather art by SecondNatvre
Writing by Yvonne Tham 
Handmade and numbered edition of 50


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