Bond Breaker
J made me this clay "cake" with an old biscuit tin and a metal chain to commemorate the end of my 8-year government scholarship bond yesterday. Inside the clay-covered tin is the rest of the chain, and the words on the side say "Bond Breaker" - the alphabets O-N-D have fallen off (but hey, that's because I'm no bond breaker). Thanks J!

Here's the other clay object J made. (Singaporeans can and do make things with our hands) Function-over-form me thinks that this object is an ashtray...but with that phallic smiley rising from the ashes, it is best that I leave you to your own conclusions.


ampulets said…
It's 'DA BOND BREAKER'! very hip-hop, yah?
Any, it is also dedicated to to TYM. 8 years of 'bondage' is rather unimaginable. But I have been in this company for almost 8 years already. Time to play the musical chairs? - the other half of ampulets.
wheyface said…
Hooray for the end of your indenture! Bond-breaker that I am, I can't say that there is anything similar in our first steps of bond-freedom, but I do remember that those days were heady, head shot full of blood, as if I was breakfasting on champagne every morning.
Tym said…
Thanks, the other half of ampulets! (Shall we just refer to you as TOHOA from now onwards?)

Now I'm thinking if we should have a real cake for Friday...
ampulets said…

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