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Even if I have wings, I still need to rest #2: Riding the Jam

A school principal I was having coffee with today was telling me about school gangs. Well, they are not quite gangs until they do something "criminal", she clarified. Until then, they are just "mischievous". I asked her what exactly would constitute something criminal, as opposed to plain mischief. Waving a parang around and chopping off someone's arm off with it would be, she said as she recounted an incident involving students at a park near her school. And though it was not exactly criminal, getting caught smoking four times in a row will actually warrant a stay in boy's remand! But ripping a leg off a chair in class and throwing it at a teacher, for no apparent reason, while she is writing on the board is just crazy - even if the psychiatric test results are ambivalent.

OK, my schools days are way dull compared to all this.

Being in an all-girls school then, I suppose we had a penchant for the theatrical instead. So in place of a real fight, I remember that our class had choreographed a fight between a dyke-ish girl and someone she hated. We even had blood pellets made with a drinking straw and food dye, which the girl bit into as she was "punched". It was after the school examinations and in that brief lazy lull before the O-levels, we thought up this drama to scare an especially timid history teacher. The teacher cried (something about having been traumatised by a street fight she had once witnessed. Rrright).

Once, the entire school brought alarm clocks and synchronised them to all ring at 11am. Another time, I think it was April Fool's, all the classes in my year brought umbrellas to morning assembly and opened them simulataneously after the national anthemn and pledge. With all that energy, I say we could have orchestrated the entire National Day Parade. And just as well, girl gangs weren't all the rage way back then.


Tym said…
My girls' school was very stone compared to yours. The alarm clock setup sounds great! (And I'd like to think that as a teacher, I'd appreciate it too.)
ampulets said…
convent girls more "naughty"... ;P

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