Work to Eat

Even if I had wings, I would still need to rest #1
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Mondays, as always, demand an extra dose of wisdom. And since the politicians are unlikely to provide any, the kind pastor had offered this wise reminder yesterday that work disguised as careers would never satisfy. His words were "Work to eat."

Alright, taken out of context, this might seem reductive. But for me it was a liberating wisdom. And thus relieved of all work-related angst, I settled down this evening to colour this sketch of a woman at rest. To everyone no longer eligible for today's Youth Day festivities, this picture is for you.


what did you use for the colours? water colour or illustrator markers?
ampulets said…
I used adobe photoshop. heehee - getting lazy! the one of J as a museum guard and the reading poster were also photoshop. but the other coloured ones are gouache on paper, or acrylic (if on canvas).

i think there are more sophisticated programmes for applying colour...but I don't know what they are or how to use them. Maybe illustrator is better for this? You know what other programmes are good for painting?
think illustrator is the same as photoshop in terms of putting in colour. don't know any other programmes leh. my photoshop skills suck enough! =)
Anonymous said…
"work to eat" sounds like a good mantra. can it be followed by "sleep to digest" and "dream to live"?
Terz said…
I'd rather "work to pay for year-end trip to Hokkaido..." :)
ampulets said…
never thought of it this way...then if things were cyclical, after "dream to live", guess it would be "wake up to work" next!

terz - for now, you can "dream to go to Hokkaido"!
wheyface said…
to defy the cyclical law, you can try to "wake to fart" and then "fart to fly" . . .

note of caution: if you are like me, haplessly conditioned by chinese culture where circles rule bigtime, then circle-busting may prove life-endangering.

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