new supplies

We sent the greeting cards to be printed today! There are now 5 card designs. We also did mock-ups of 2 T-shirt designs.

The mushrooms in the pic are God's creation. We've noticed them sprouting up in all sorts of grass patches...must be the strange combination of lingering rain and that hot, melty sun.


Unknown said…
your t-shirts are hot! how to get grubby paws on them?
don't forget mine! i want both! =)
ampulets said…
never forget any of your orders. :)
we are still sourcing around to find the best and most cost-effective method to do this. So that we can give you guys the best quality at the most competitive price.

Btw, I presumed it is girl-size for both of you? samuraibunny, which design do you like? - TOHA (The Other Half of Ampulets)
i think u both know what size for me lah. btw, i got the tix for blank walls. let's meet up then. if not, chicken wings some time before?
Unknown said…
white chicken wings shirt and blue cafe shirt! girl S size please.

also, can i add a link to you guys from my blog ??
ampulets said…
samuraibunny - sure! thanks :>

ru, the concert is at 9.30pm - maybe we can meet before the concert? the band sent out an email saying that there would be seats (it's in the esplanade recital studio, so it'll just be bench-seats) so i guess we should go earlier anyway. as for chick wings...yup! will msge you once we are sure to jog/eat.

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