Akan Datang...

Mrs Tan just called to say that we can go collect the Starry starry Wings and Down with Love T-shirts tomorrow! Hoorah! So folks, check back here tomorrow for the T-shirt "fashion shoot" where ampulets will play models...and get your wallets ready please!


Tym said…
I want Down With Love, please! And will start thinking who I can buy T-shirts as gifts for...
wheyface said…
Me too!
P. S. Have been staying away from your blog cos I hadn't watched Be With Me and didn't want to read your review beforehand. Watched it today. Was moved by:
- the lined but unjaded faces of the old shopkeeper and his wife;
- Ms Theresa Chan's swimming (she looks as happy and at home as a water baby!);
- the bits from her autobiography that were featured, especially where she wrote about falling in love and her teachers;
- Ms Chan teaching visually impaired children how to weave and do pottery

Silences are big in this film, you're right, though I suspect that Samantha Tan didn't say a single word because her voice would be too distracting. I heard her being interviewed on radio and she was squeaky! Squeaky like a mouse. A happy mouse - she was giggling a lot. Ah yes, "sweet fruity youth"!
Unknown said…
i think some people refer to that "squeak like a mouse" as um .. a "sweet voice".

also..how to get my shirt from u guys? since i'm not in sg, and my postal service is in NS, would it be too much trouble to hang on to it for awhile? like .. 'til december? *whistles*
ampulets said…
tym, wheyface - sms me the t-shirt colour you want? I assume it'll be girl size for both of you.

samuraibunny - ditto via email? No probs holding on to it till Dec.

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