happy children's day?

What? No presents?!? - image by J

Overheard outside a childcare centre yesterday, a weary 5 year-old:

"I hate children's day! So many things! So many presents!"

Well, for those of us who didn't get any presents, hope you have a happy Children's Day.


Anonymous said…
hehe.. when i was young, always looking forward to children day
Tym said…
I completely forgot that it was Children's Day till I heard it on the radio or something on Friday night. But it's kinda nice knowing I'm that far removed from the existence of a school holiday...
Unknown said…
we dont have children's day here. can't decide if it's a good thing or a bad thing 'coz i remember always looking forward to a holiday when i was little (in singapore). but kids can be so bratty i dont know if it's worth super-spoiling them for another day during the year
wahj said…
Someone should just take that kids presents away and give em to the kids that don't have presents. Sigh.
ampulets said…

but bratty kids continue cos of over-indulgent parents...

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