it takes 2?

Epaulettes make more sense in a pair...but ampulets, well, often make less.

Friends, as such, J and I present to you 2 videos that don't have anything in common, except a fair amount of shaking. The first is my puppet-impersonator debut where nothing much happens and the supposedly red-sequinned sexy one cannot stop bopping her head -

Next, J/TOHA's trial video, a "stop-motion" of photographs taken mostly in Taipei, and with a title even I don't quite understand.

We just discovered youtube, which hosts short clips. Oh, new toy! If the players above don't work, click here to view the first clip and here for the second clip.


shadow said…
Don't have sound on my machine but the dao head toss and constant preening made me laugh out loud! ;-)
ampulets said…
Hey thanks, what a relief someone actually laughed! aiyoh, I only cringed watching that video...

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