watermelon blues (a 1min play for 2 fruits)


Y: I don't mean to be rude...but - but - were you born like this?
Watermelon Man (WM): Not really.
Y: Then what happened!?
WM: I was born, first, a watermelon in a watermelon patch. But unlike other watermelons, I grew up to be a watermelon man instead.
Y: Ah...right...
WM: Amazing huh? But my story is just like that of Pinnochio.
Y: Pinnochio?...I guess you can see it that way...
WM: You don't believe me?
Y: No, no, I mean, yes, I believe you.
[A long pause, during which WM waves a fly away.]
WM: You know that there's a movie named after me!
Y: OK.
WM: And many songs too - There's that famous tune by Herbie Hancock in the 60s. Wah, that's one great jazz hit. Catchy stuff. The drums, tetetededum...And there's some 70s song also. I don't quite understand the words, those strange 70s people. But somehow...they make me want to cry. [sings and tears, black melon seeds falling down his face]
"And it’s a new day,
Watermelons waste away,
And the sun is startin’ to rise up over the hill
But it’s all right
I haven’t lost my appetite
And you know that I’m eatin’ those wasted watermelons still
Yes, I am
And I’m a watermelon man
Yes, I’m a watermelon man."
Y: Look on the bright side, watermelon man, always. All is never lost. You could have been some other fruit...like a banana. No one will take you seriously then. Or a grape. Forever to be crushed and losing your individuality to a bunch. Or just an apple. Innocuous, yet always suspect. Worse, an orange! Imagine that. No one cares for orange as a fruit. A colour or a juice, maybe.
WM: [smiles] Or I could have just been a watermelon. Instead of a watermelon man.
Y: That's the spirit!
WM: Thanks for cheering me up, persimmon girl.



and i thought i was the only one who had lost my marbles!
ampulets said…
my theory is that the folks who appear mad are in fact the most sane. We are marbled pillars of stability and calm! But all those people walking around behaving all well-adjusted, rational, "normal" - they are the ones you gotta watch out. They are the real loonies!
orangeclouds said…
Grrl ampulet, I LUURRRVVVEE this blog post and graphix. (Maybe I've lost my marbles too.)

Here's a ditty in return from the queens of fruit-song therapy, Shonen Knife:

"When you feel down I recommend you
Have lots of fruits and vegetables
When you feel sad I recommend you
Have lots of fruits and vegetables
Nice fresh fruits and vegetables
Make you feel so free ...
I'm talking about my own life
By the way I eat chicken too."
tcn afen said…
uh. I thought for a moment you were talking about the elephant man who sells fruit at tekka market
ampulets said…
oclouds- haha, i had a fit of shonen knife once too, but they were advocating "Banana Chips" and "Sushi" at that point.

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