it's about the 2 of you, really

lazy psychedelia

Yah, rrright.

There are 2s alright, but note the plural, the collective in that. 2 families, their desires and assumptions. 2 extended sets of relatives, colleagues and friends. And 2 objectives, namely yours and your family's. Yours (if like J and I, you are also very lazy and have a general dislike for rituals) will be to just get this whole thing over and done with, with everyone having as relaxing and enjoyable a time as possible. While your folks' concerns, despite all good intentions and well wishes, will be to tread successfully the minefield of relatives and their sensitivities. This, the Chinese call, maintaining "face".

In such a situation, lazy us will typically opt for the path of least resistance - i.e. give the folks what they want. But we stand firm on these things which are way too personal for compromises.
1. No expensive diamond rings - why does a girl/boy need diamonds?
2. No wedding costumes, white or ivory - it's not halloween, we'll come as ourselves, thank you. And ditto for guests (although if costumes are your thing, please feel free to come in whatever pleases you). Oh yes, this means there'll be no multiple costume changes throughout the day.
3. No bouquets. Sorry, if you are waiting to catch one.
4. No pre-wedding photographs with dewy-eyed poses or sepia-tinged romance. Hey, we're hobbyist-illustrators, we can do our own portraits anytime.
5. No transportation decked out as national day floats.
6. No marching down aisles or whatever. But we'll be there!

We've only just started thinking about it, and it already seems like too much work!

So friends, sorry if these t-shirts and stuff we had earlier promised for Christmas are a little late in production.


monk said…
i'm happily in awe of your idealism, happy for your planning, and smiling at the approach you're taking to the superficialities in all this.

i hope you'll at least share some pictures here at that later date -- i want to appreciate the aesthetics then in more than just my own imagination.

. . . and "face" can also be a 2: as in "two-faced" :)
ampulets said…
yah, will definitely put up some pics from the day...if we manage to get fun ones. :>
Tym said…
But I think you would look great in a white trouser suit!! (Not sure about J, though --- don't want him to look like a pimp :P )

Er ... don't forget that trivial little thing called the wedding certificate, hor? That one cannot say "no need".
ampulets said…
white trouser suit. someone else said "deconstructed dress". and yet another friend said "matching tux with jeans". and I thought it'll be easier without the ugly OTT white dress ;P
Anonymous said…
hey... white trouser suit, matching tux with jeans, decon. dress etc. (what is OTT white dress?)

i think you two will be happier and glad to be wearing whatever that pleases yourselves for that day.

as for superficialities? after being present for much of my friends' wedding and weddings, i guess i would only do it in order to celebrate superficialities for its superficialitiestiestiestiesties
tscd said…
We didn't do the pre-wedding photograph thing either, just got a really excellent photographer on the day itself. Saves alot of hassle.

I went to a wedding where the bride wore a purple dress. she looked magnificent.
ampulets said…
OTT = over the top.

yes yes, i think some of the superficialities are actually quite, if we have the time in like...6 weeks! stuff like gold hot-stamped invite cards...ooh, i like. also champagne.

we've got a few funny photo-illustrations to show too, in lieu of those pre-wedding studio shots. hehe, we promise some "costumes" in those illustrations!
Anonymous said…
oh yes!! Gong Xi! Gong Xi! to Y and J in your new chapter.

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