maybe it's the rain


I've been wanting to write a short review of Jim Jarmusch's latest road movie Broken Flowers. But nah, too tedious. I thought about writing something on Ryu Murakami (that other Murakami) whose 80s novel 69 just got translated in English. But nah, too lazy. Next time.

It's been a slow week, trying and with one too many heavy conversations about... I think I shall let this picture of a fellow weary train commuter do the talking instead.


Unknown said…
did not like broken flowres! i'm one of those but maybe it's coz i'm one of those plebs who has to watch movies where things actually happen .. with the exception of napoleon dynamite which was funny altho nothing happened ..

heard this movie called "thumbsucker" is really good! should hv watched on plane instead of broken flowers. it even has tilda swinton in it!
Jarmusch is known for his films where seemingly, "nothing happens". Think Stranger than Paradise is one very good example of this.

The last Jarmusch film i saw was Coffee & Cigarettes where people sat around drinking coffee, (and yes,) smoking cigarettes and chatting. Nothing much happens, and sometimes, the characters don't even say very much to each other. But i suppose its in the absence of things done/said that we gather much about the characters/life/etc.

samuraibunny - for a Jarmusch film where a bit more happens, try Ghostdog.
ampulets said…
Ghost dog is very cool - in the Zen way...haha....anyway, "Deadman" was very interesting and fun too. Must say I really like this pic, its darkness. Quite depict what's in mind most of the time, trouble and wanting to sleep.- TOHA.
ampulets said…
i liked Broken Flowers when I first walked out of the cinema. It was smart, funny and very tightly paced/structured.

But after a while, the more I asked the film questions, the more empty it seemed. Not because nothing happened, but rather too many things happened - all the quirky dysfunctionalities of the characters were expected, fast and funny - yet none mattered.

I'm not sure, though, if Jarmusch was deliberate with this 2-dimensional cleverness. What broken flowers? I guess if flowers were plastic, they might break. But I would rather have them wilt.

SB - you can also try Dead Man! nothing much happens in this mock-western. But there's johnny depp ;>
Yah - i agree. Dead Man was cool. Thought it was beautifully shot.

(i actually fell asleep during Broken Flowers a bit - just got off flight lah!)
Unknown said…
ah! johnny depp! this appeals to my baser, shallower senses

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