we've got balls!

World Ball
world ball by J

Oblivious to the deaths of politicians, sliding earth and interrupted bombs, the 8.30am Marching Bands went on playing in and out of the train stations. Two members of that band were having a deep intellectual conversation about the intricacies of their post-industrial capitalist trap, braving the onslaught of the rival northbound band.

Y: [sighs] What a waste.
J: [yawns] Huh?
Y: [marching] So many people. Can you imagine all that human energy, effort, time...?
J: [glances at a pretty rival band member in a dress, marching]...
Y: [marching] Every single person oiling the gears, keeping the machine working. We work so hard, so that we can get paid to buy the things that we think will make our lives easier, machines to help us clean our house faster, because we spend all our time and energy at work, and when we save more time or do something faster, we then use all the extra time at work, and then to buy more things...A self-sustaining machine.
J: [stops marching] Hey, it's just like the ball I drew!
Y: [stops marching] Oh yes, just like the ball! [continues marching] It's pretty.


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