good day

Yesterday J/TOHA received a phone call he's been hoping for. I was reminded not to say too much for fear that I jinx tomorrow's test. So instead, to mark a good day, I dug out an image of a happy and somewhat slimmer (?) J, taken a couple of years ago at the Art Museum.

background from yet another of my unfinished illustration projects "Turtle Time" - this composite image is by J


Anonymous said…
the best of LUCK!! for whatever it is!!
ampulets said…
thanks!! on behalf of J ;>

J told me it was a very good exchange, but of course, what comes out of it is unclear and the scene appears highly competitive anyway. So que sera sera!
ampulets said…
meantime, back to square 1. sigh. -TOHA
Anonymous said…
oh no... no square one... you have moved slightly already. keep the chin up!

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