I am not sure how to translate this...literally = rare chance to be foolish

Ma J has been home from the hospital for more than a month now. She is still largely immobile, though with someone to lean on she is able to stand and take a few steps. The doctors have just started her on anti-depressants.

This exchange takes place in Mandarin and Hokkien.
J: We don't have to worry about life...
Ma J: [eyes half closed, although she is sitting upright] Yah...I know.
J: God takes care of us all.
Ma J: [she lifts one eyelid, and the other follows]Ummm, that's right.
J: You look at the birds, no one bothers about them. But they are ok. They still find food, when it rains they have a place to go to, they don't worry about clothes or food -
Ma J: [nods in firm agreement] Yes, that's right, there's no need to worry. Sometimes you see a bird - ppaah - it gets knocked dead by a car...So why worry?

Though inappropriate, how I wanted to laugh, looking at J's somewhat bemused expression and Ma J's eyelids fast lowering. Three little birds around the dining table.


Unknown said…
i always get into near accidents trying to avoid birds that choose to sunbathe on the road. so those birds also have ppl watching out for them! sometimes
tcn afen said…
talking about God to depressed people doesn't work...
personally I find that introducing people with similar situations who lead by example works better.
birds rarely get knocked down by cars. even the dumbest slowest ones (i'm thinking pigeons here) always manage to find themselves safe.

perhaps the birds weren't such good examples. =)

(word verification: jonnyyy haha)
ampulets said…
yah, perhaps the birds weren't such great examples ;>

the fact that birds rarely get knocked down is precisely why her conclusion so amazed (ok, amused) me! but whether well or ill, her views are often this fatalistic, contrary and unforgiving. All of which makes introducing her to people with similar situations equally "useless". That's just who she is. And nothing we say can change that. I guess we can only pray!

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