deja vu

I would probably be exaggerating to say that even the flight path felt familiar. So I shan't. Only the bad airline food and service are (especially after J and I have experienced the automatic upgrade the last time we flew). But when I stepped out of the plane, the patterned carpet, the characterless corridors and the nightmare queues at immigration - ah, Heathrow, the UK. Only this time, the number of migrants/residents from South Asia rivalled that of the tourists.

We are staying at a 1-month old little hotel by Earl's Court, in a neighbourhood where a Rolls is parked by the curb, but turn a corner and it's student housing.

And true to my recurring dream, the first stop after my colleagues and I dropped our bags was to Sainsbury's.


ampulets said…
looks like a very nice hotel. and the strawberry mineral water looks yummy too. What's the top drawing of me about though. miss you. but 10 days will be fast, in fact there are much to be done, but i am feeling quite lazy and down. no worries, think things will be slightly better soon, i hope.-TOHA
ampulets said…
ah,the top picture is the trip series on "STATE OF THE ECONOMY" - er, about flying economy class. It's a great hotel - 1 month old and only 80quid for a very decent room!

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