there and back

to the end and back
a week of meetings gave me a chance to doodle this 2 days ago.

It's been more than 9 years since I've been back from the UK. I'm sure it'll be a little strange going there next Monday, as if visiting a dream.

This is the recurring dream.

I am in Cambridge. I find the room I've been assigned to - it's a lot grottier than I had expected. But this is the UK after all. I try to figure out why I'm there. I must be crazy to be back with no plans and no J. Ah. I'm supposed to be doing a phD or something. I go back to the college bike shed and try to retrieve my bike. Hey, I still have the key to the lock. I cycle to Sainsbury's to stock up on groceries. This being the UK, it is 5pm and Sainsbury is about to close. They've run out of semi-skimmed milk. I grab something, but I don't know what. There is no sequence with the check out counter. I drop by the College computer lab (oh, they still have those ancient macs) and check my email. Then I go into the college's porters lodge to check my mailbox. They still have one with my name. I am surprised. The college porter says hi and asks why I am back - you must be crazy to be back, he says. I laugh and say something or other. It is getting dark. I must get back because there are no lights on my bike. I wake up.


tscd said…
It's really warm and summery now! A good time to return to the UK.
ampulets said…
that's great news! trouble is i've got to spend almost a week in newcastle, which according to yahoo weather is 10C colder than london. ah well. :<
go and visit running-crazy NAB and race him!
ampulets said…
haha, he's crazy alright!

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