sure win!

making faces (変脸)
a giant BBQ chick wing? It's a whole BBQ pig! - photo by J

Our friend demonstrates yet again why his name is Wings.

(this exchange is in mandarin)
Wings:: Long time no see.
J: Hey, where have you been the past few weeks? We came by, but your stall was either shut or there were no chicken wings.
Wings: Ohr [he glances at his parents by the satay pit], they two old ones went for eye operations mah.
J: Eh, [lowering his voice to a conspiratorial level] I tell you, we went to that chicken wing place and tried their know, that old-style hawker centre you said you thought about joining last time, the one with the high it's behind the "durians", you know... [J refers to the "Makansutra Glutton's Bay"]
Wings: Ohr, that one! [he pauses, then drawls, knowingly.] Hoowww? Niicce?
J: Not nice lah!
Wings: See, I told you!
J: They're not very tasty.
Wings: I told you. I ate there once. Went there to try. Not nice!
Wings: Very crispy, right? But the taste is a little sour? [He pauses, but not enough for a reply] I told you! They add vinegar. It's all just vinegar! The vinegar makes the chicken wings dry, so it BBQs faster, crispier - but there's no taste, sour sour only right? The skin is crispy crispy only lah -
J: Yah yah, your chicken wings are still the best...
Wings: Hng...I know. [he smiles, shows his broken teeth and walks away].


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