The Goodbye List #3

Continued from list #1 & #2

After all this time has gone, 2 o'clock -detestable, humourless hour - will be like the one lazy heir made king. It will revel in meetings conducted standing up and throats burnt by expressos gulped. It will boast that walks are brisk (the dog will have to make do) and food is fat with grease. Daytime, nghttime, 2 o'clock will reign supreme. So hurry, forget about the forty or even twenty winks and pity those lovers on their urgent sheets. Rhymes, be swift! Computers, run at triple your speed!

Yet since no king has ruled forever, whether their rule is corrupt or just, 2 o'clock will also soon depart.

So there remains the final hour: 6 o'clock solitary on the empty clocks. Alone, it bears the day's anxious beginning and its reluctant end. Here is dawn - and dusk. Friends, look up and remember what you can of this intense hue, this mingling of orange, gold and plum - quickly, it is fading fast. Quick, see there those dark patterns growing above you. The birds and the bats, they have both awakened.

esplanade flight


reminded me of the bat i thought was a bird that was circling in my flat late one night. (near 2am!)

the dogs took care of it.
ampulets said…
a deaf bat is a dead bat.
Unknown said…
your goodbye lists are quite sad =(

but i kindof find the bats picture has a really nice sense of freedom to it!
ampulets said…
yah, they are quite sad..but I thought only to old people like me who are always lamenting the passing of time. SB, surely age cannot catch up with the hyper one?!
Unknown said…
being hyper doesn't make us blind to the ravaging effects of time on other people =P

i've never thought abt age catching up before! so far it is still strolling along nicely somewhere that i can't see (i think)

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