food so tasty you want to hug it - part II

Want to tell someone he/she is the apple of your eye, but don't quite know how to do it with words? ampulets present here 9 easy steps how you can do so in a silent way.

fuji apple

All you need now are these materials:
(1) Red cloth
(2) Thick brown felt
(3) Acrylic or oil paint, or any other kind of fabric paint
(4) 2 wooden or black beads (if you don't have any, you can also embroider the eyes or use small buttons)
(5) A handful of green/red beans...or styrofoam beads
(6) Cotton wool
(7) Thread, needle, scissors
(8) bonus: Styrofoam "netting" for fruits

After some 30mins (or 1 hour if you are watching the TV at the same time), you should be able to have your own Fuji-san to declare your sweet love for you.

image by J- aren't I lucky his favourite fruit is not the durian!

If instead you wish to tell him/her that you like him/her regardless of how ugly, stinky and high in cholestrol he/she is, try this instead. Unlike other top chefs, ampulets tell all in our recipes.


Anonymous said…
cuuuuuuuute! wah if u started selling they'd b snapped up so fast
ampulets said…
ah, thanks for your faith in the commercial possibilities of Fuji-san. i think will stick to 1-off pieces first... watch out for the next fruit.

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