happy belated children's day

Happy B-lated Children Day! :)
Lelong lelong, amps fresh and chip-chip - collage by J

watermelon man: The washing machine broke.
persimmon girl: Huh, what's a washing machine doing in a melon patch?
wm: And my laptop screen, it broke too.
pg: That's tough luck.
wm: Not to mention 2 weddings to make even my wallet broke.
pg: Ah, fruit mating season.
wm: Oh, it's tough - so tough -[he cries, black melon seeds falling down his face]
pg: Cheer up watermelon man, stop crying...look, you are getting your pink protective styroforam packing all dirty -
wm: Oh no, oh no, and my washing machine's broke!

This year, adult-type problems almost threatened to keep us from saying this, but - amps wish you, especially you folks who have laundry to do - a Happy Belated Children's Day!


Anonymous said…
heh! thankyou thankyou and to amps too!

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