better late than never


It's that time of the year when the wanderlust becomes almost unbearable! And the body, realising it is still on a small island, cannot dislodge itself from getting out of bed each morning takes longer. After a while, you start thinking that it is not quite theft to take that extra 5 minute when the alarm goes on snooze. When you make that final stretch to wake the muscles, you find a fresh cool spot on the sheets that tempts you to settle and let your skin rest on its surface instead. Then there's that glance at a darkening sky that makes 8am almost feel like 5am. Oh just give up! There is always the possibility of catching a cab to make up for the 30mins now gone by.

Tonight, stationary by my desk, I trawl the web and make do with photos of Haruki Murakami's Tokyo by Eizo Matsumura, and their travel photography book <邊境-近境>.

After tonight, I am one day closer to travel. Friday I will leave this small island!


ampulets said…
haha. actually come to think of it. the weather nowadays is almost like autumn/ winter in those countries with 4 seasons. I find it funny for someone like me to say that, since I have not really experienced autumn/ winter at all. But I think we are quite similiar to certain animals, which goes into hibernation once or twice every year. Just like bears, I think, they usually hibernate this time of the year. Our biological clock, to some extent, seems to be still rather primitive, yah? -TOHA
Anonymous said…
where are you headed?
Anonymous said…
have a great trip :-)
ampulets said…
Ah, sorry if i gave the impression i was going for a long/overseas trip. i am merely thinking of some domestic travelling ;> J/TOHA is busy with work for amps design, so we may be grounded till next year...
Anonymous said…
do show off the works of amps design yah!?

so that the world will know!

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