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picture relay
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J: What is picture relay?
Y: Picture relay is when you draw something, then pass the pen on to another person to draw the next thing. It's like stream of consciousness drawing, but in an inclusive way, you know - almost like some kind of collective consciousness. Visually.
J: Er...ok. So can more than 2 play?
Y: Of course, it's a game for everyone! But with 2 people, you can play picture tennis. You know, back and forth until the page is all filled up.
J: I challenge you to picture tennis.
Y: Loser is the one who gives up?
J: OK. On.

Anyway, I lost to J's aggressive backhand of a man falling down into a deep, tiled room.

If you have time to kill in a cafe while waiting for a movie to start, and the book you are reading is not enough to stop the wondering, why not try some picture tennis?


tscd said…
Ooh, "Pan's Labyrinth"! Was it good? I've been really wanting to watch it but for some reason it isn't showing at any cinema near me (probably because the demographic in my area would be more interested in a 3 month long run of 'Borat').
ampulets said…
It's good! If I had a complaint about the film, it's that it could've been a longer and quieter film - but I shan't say more, since you haven't seen it. Definitely something to watch on the big screen first though.

(Borat's been playing here for what seems like ages too. But the hype has killed all my interest.)
tscd said…
Is it better than "Mirrormask"? Because I was very VERY disappointed with "Mirrormask", beautiful as the stage design was.

Maybe they'll release it in DVD...
ampulets said…
haven't watched my mirrormask vcd yet... pan's labyrinth didn't disappoint ;>

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