Stealing from J's photoblog (image by J):

"managed to catch 'F' at the first free screening of this year's Singapore International Film Festival. 'F' is a documentary about this guy whose passion for films has driven him to extremes and the edge of sanity (which is what some might say). If you are a film buff, you would catch him at most of the film festivals in singapore, talking to anyone and everyone who passes his way about films and handing them a review or two of this or that film. Toh Hai Leong is also the director of the mockumentary called 'Zombie Dog'. I recall in the documentary, one of the interviewees said that one of the audience he showed "Zombie dogs" to complained that he wanted to watch the actual movie, and insisted that the film he just watched iwas only the 'making of...'. You be the judge of it, if you are able to get hold of a copy itself. Toh was diagnosed with Diabetic Type I or II (he can't remember which himself). "F" documents his day-to-day life, and how the disease slowly stripped away his dignity and confidence. But at the end of the screening, Toh vowed to 'live on' and write and play badminton again one day."

the zombie dog man


david santos said…
Thanks for you work, is very good.
Have a good week.
he was an acquaintance for a short while. Didnt know he has diabetes...

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