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void (çİş)

The public administration and politicians on this island are both rather fond of the prefix "Re", as seen in this instance - Regenerate. Rejuvenate. Realise. Remake.

So this conversation took place over the weekend at the "Remaking the Heartland" exhibition going on at Toa Payoh's HDB central.

Y: Excuse me, can I ask you a question?
Man at the Info counter: Yes, yes? [watching the still blank survey form in my hand]
Y:Er, can I ask if the Potong Pasir stretch at Toa Payoh will be upgraded under this programme?
M:Potong Pasir in Toa Payoh meh?
Y:Yah, have. The little bit of Potong Pasir ward under Chiam See Tong?
M: ...
Y: I mean, is this programme "generic" or, er, only for PAP wards ah? [smiles, acts cute]
M: Ohr - this programme is generic, supposedly.
Y: So every estate will benefit?
M: Yah, supposedly.
Y: Oh I see, I just wondering. I live in Toa Payoh mah.
M: Ohr - generic programme, but it - it all depends only on the timing.

I was curious, and he was - at least - honest.


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